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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nanotec offers protection for wood, glass, metal, concrete and textiles

Nanotec is an Australian firm producing a range of nanocoatings for protecting wood, metal, concrete, glass and textiles.

Nanoseal Wood is, according to the company website, a water-based nanotechnology product for long lasting water repellent effect on wood.

Nanoseal Wood enables wood to resist decay and discoloration by wood-decay fungi, which need moisture to live.

Due to the water repellent effect Nanoseal Wood also decreases the swelling and shrinking that lead to cracking and warping.

The nano-hydrophobic treatment is resistant to friction, UV-stable and change temperature steady

Key Benefits:

Weather protection
UV - weather-resistant
Easy to clean- Self cleaning effect
Environmentally sound technology

I’ve just ordered some to use in the construction of the new office of Nanosearch, my research and advising firm (more on that later). I’ll let you know how it performs.


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