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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cabot enters pipe insulation arena with four new Nanogel products

Cabot Corporation has entered the oil and gas insulation market with the launch of four new Nanogel aerogel products, says a company press release.

The four new products use Nanogel aerogel, Cabot's branded aerogel in different forms and are marketed under the names Expansion Pack, Compression Pack, Particle Pack, and Thermal Wrap.

With an operating temperature range from -200 degrees C to 250 degrees C (-330 degrees F -480 degrees F), Nanogel systems can be used where many competing insulations cannot.

The Particle Pack system leverages Cabot's proprietary particle filling techniques to fill annular spaces of any size or dimension. Cabot has been using this technology to fill spaces as narrow as a few millimeters with Nanogel aerogel in the building and construction market. In particulate form Nanogel flows like water and with proper vibration techniques can be densely packed for long life, high performance use without settling or shifting without any residual air gaps.

Sometimes called "frozen smoke," aerogels are the lightest and best insulating solids in the world. Nanogel, Cabot's branded aerogel is a hydrophobic aerogel produced as particles each of which consists largely of air (approx. 95%) trapped in nano-sized pores that severely inhibit heat transfer through the material.

Nanogel is already available for a variety of building applications.


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