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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bio-based composite gives new meaning to green roof

Researchers at the University of Delaware’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Center for Composite Materials have created a bio-based composite roof structure using soy.

Soy oil-based resin and cellulose fibers, in the form of paper sheets made from recycled cardboard boxes, were successfully used to manufacture the composite structures.

The roof was designed and a 1/3 scale structure was manufactured. Following this 1/3 scale design, two composite panels were manufactured to serve as the two sides of a pitched roof connected at the ridge.

The recycled paper was tested in composite sheets and structural unit beams and gave the required stiffness and strength required for roof construction.

The authors, M.A. Dweib, B. Hu, H.W. Shenton III and R.P. Wool, have made their abstract and article available in the journal, Composite Structures.


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