small plans: nanotechnology for the building industry

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Better beer thanks to nanotech insulation

Nanotechnology is truly impacting every aspect of our lives these days, now including the beer we drink.

Industrial Nanotech said in an announcement today that the maker of Corona, the fourth most popular beer in the world, is using Nansulate High Heat for thermal insulation and corrosion protection on an interchanger, a common piece of industrial equipment found in the industry.

And get this: The interchanger showed a 20 degrees Centigrade (36 degrees Fahrenheit) difference after a three coat application of Nansulate, at a thickness of approximately 7 mils (seven one thousands of an inch).

So let’s see, we’ve got fiberglass at R-19, rigid foam at R-30, and now Nansulate at about what, R-1,000,000,000? Pretty good stuff.

They make paint for buildings too. (photo


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