small plans: nanotechnology for the building industry

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Architectural applications abound at Nano Science and Technology conference

Today’s post comes to you live from the floor of the 2006 Nano Science and Technology conference in Boston, where I’m presenting the work of my NanoStudio.

There’s no shortage of nanomaterials for the construction industry, including the following:

Spire Corporation makes Building Integrated Photovoltaics that enable architects and contractors to integrate photovoltaic technology into the design of a building or structure so that the solar components also serve as structural or design elements.

Evident Technologies offers quantum dots for white LEDs, leading to lighting fixtures of any color and shape.

Raynor Industries is the world’s leading producer of single-walled carbon nanotubes, which they believe will eventually replace steel in buildings because they are 100 times stronger at 1/6 the weight.

Advance Nanotech fosters a wide range of building-related applications including flexible displays.

Accsense makes tiny wireless sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and a host of other environmental factors.


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