small plans: nanotechnology for the building industry

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome back!

Hello again. After four months devoted to my general nanotech blog at, and the contuning adventures of work as an Associate Professor in architecture, and now president of a nanotech research and advising firm (more on that later), I'm back at nanotechnology + design.

I'll continue to post to nanotechbuzz, and I hope you'll check it out for the latest news on nanotechnology in general, but I missed the focus on architecture, engineering and construction that nanotechnology + design provides.

There's plenty going in nanotechnology that applies to architecture, particularly in the area of new materials with some very interesting properties and potentials. And I think it's important that those of us responsible for designing and making the environment maintain an active discussion on the potential impacts of this powerful technology.

So welcome back, or if you're new to nanotechnology + design, welcome! I'm delighted to be back, and I look forward to providing you with the information and insights you're looking for.

Dr. George Elvin



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