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Monday, April 24, 2006

OLED breakthrough could lead to light-emitting windows

Interior lighting could look vastly different in the future, thanks to a breakthrough by researchers at the University of Southern California and Princeton University.

The team has created a highly efficient and long-lived natural light source using organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs).

Since OLEDs are transparent when turned off, the devices could even be installed as windows or skylights to mimic the feel of natural light after dark - or to serve as the ultimate inconspicuous flat-panel television.

Almost any surface in a home, whether flat or curved, could become a light source: walls, curtains, ceilings, cabinets or tables.

"With a future emphasis on manufacturing technology, this structure may provide an important, low-cost and efficient means that will replace incandescent lighting in many different applications," co-principal investigator Stephen Forrest said.

To learn more about how it works visit EurekAlert. Don’t miss the US Department of Energy site to learn more about white-light OLEDs. (photo DOE)


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