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Thursday, April 20, 2006

NanoStudio: architecture students design with nanomaterials

Students in my architecture studio have come up with some very innovative designs using nanotechnology in our NanoStudio. In this third year architecture studio at the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University we explored the architectural applications of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform the built environment in ways almost unimaginable today. Carbon nanotubes, for example, have been created that are 250 times stronger than steel, 10 times lighter, and transparent. Similar advances are occurring in glass, plastics and concrete. Our mission for this project was to imagine the potential of one of these revolutionary materials, and implement it in the design of a residence.

I'll be presenting the work of the NanoStudio at
the Nanotech 2006 show May 7-11 in Boston. Nanotech 2006 is the nation's largest nanotech conference, featuring more than 300 exhibitors and attract more than 3,000 attendees.


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