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Friday, April 14, 2006

Nano-tex to offer stain-resistant fabrics for interiors

Nano-tex, the company that brought you stain-resistant pants, has entered the home furnishings market. Six leading commercial textile companies are incorporating Nano-Tex's stain resistant fabric treatment into their product lines. In a press release, the company said that

With Nano-Tex enhanced fabric, textiles ordinarily considered "off-limits" for commercial interiors -- such as light colored or delicate fabrics -- are now accessible, giving the design community greater creative freedom to realize their artistic vision.

Transparent to the eye and indistinguishable to the touch, Nano-Tex's stain resistant fabric treatment delivers the market's highest level of stain repellency and durability to protect fabrics from everyday spills and stains making it a logical choice for high-use and high traffic areas.

"The migration of enhanced textiles from apparel into commercial interiors is a natural evolution for Nano-Tex because both industries share a design and fashion sensibility," said Renee DeLack Hultin, executive vice president of global sales. (


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